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Mobile App

  1. Search for "Anthology Studies" by North Point Ministries (at the App Store and Google Play).
  2. Download the app for free.


  1. Search for "Anthology" under Streaming Channels.
  2. Add the channel to your ROKU account.

Apple TV

  1. Search for "Anthology Studies" by North Point Ministries.
  2. Download the app for free.

Google Chromecast

  1. Use Google Chrome as your web browser. Download Chrome here.
  2. Install the Google Chromecast plugin (download the Chromecast plugin here).
  3. Click on the button ''to launch the video'' above.
  4. Click the Chromecast icon at the top of your browser window, and follow the onscreen instructions.
  5. Do not close the video; Come back to this same tab by clicking on the top of your browser.
  6. Click the ''interactive application'' of the top button to use all the functions while watching the service.

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